Nalls plans to run in special election for 9th Ward Council seat in 2023

Sebastian Nalls

A statement from Sebastian Nalls concerning the 9th Ward Council seat appointment and the 2023 Special Election that will be held for the seat:

I first want to say thank you to the residents of the 9th Ward. This appointment process has given me the opportunity to meet many of you. Learning about your life experiences and seeing your devotion to our neighborhood drives me to continue the work we have started with one another.
Congratulations to Mr. Geracaris for attaining the appointment of 9th Ward Councilmember. The job is difficult, and I wish him the best on his journey serving our community.
Though I am disappointed at the outcome, I will continue to advocate for accountability, equity, justice, and transparency. The flow of calls and emails from residents has been astounding. Your support indicates that the work I do is changing lives and inspiring neighbors to stand together. There is no greater satisfaction.
After many inquiries, I am announcing that I intend on running for 9th Ward Alderman in 2023’s special election. The excitement generated from this appointment process indicates strong support for my candidacy. Voters will decide which candidate is most qualified to represent them for the remainder of the term.
I chose to make this announcement as part of my promise to accountability and transparency. We must look beyond today and into the future; a future with boundless potential to improve the lives of thousands. I hope that I will be given the opportunity to help craft change and to serve those around me. Thank you.

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