First candidates file petitions for special 2nd and 9th Ward election in 2023

First candidates file petitions for special 2nd and 9th Ward election in 2023

By Bob Seidenberg
Four candidates filed petition signatures today, declaring their interest to run in a rare special election in 2023 to fill the remaining terms of City Council seats in Evanston’s 2nd and 9th Wards.

Darlene Cannon, in the city’s 2nd Ward, and Kathy Hayes, in the 9th, filed petitions in the Evanston City Clerk’s office today, Nov. 21, to run for Alderperson in the city’s 2nd and 9th Wards.

The mayoral appointees currently holding the Council seats — Krissie Harris in the 2nd and Juan Geracaris in the 9th — also filed their petitions with the City Clerk’s office to run in the special election.
Because all filed within an hour, they will be eligible for a lottery determining ballot position, said City Clerk Stephanie Mendoza, the city’s Chief Election Officer.
The filing period runs through Nov. 28.
A primary election is set for Feb. 28, 2023. However, if fewer than four candidates are certified to run in either ward, the candidates will then face off in the Consolidated General Election set for April 4, Mendoza said.
The special election was triggered, after two of the city’s Council members — Cicely Fleming in the 9th, and Peter Braithwaite, in 2nd, stepped down from their positions within roughly a seven-month period this year.
Acting under state law, Mayor Daniel Biss recommended the appointment of Geocaris and later Harris by the Council to fill the open Council seats until the special election.
The candidate elected in the special election will then serve the remainder of Fleming and Braithwaite’s term, which runs until April 2025.

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