City to Contract Repairs at Arrington Lakefront Lagoon in July

Over the next two months the City will be contracting repairs at the Arrington Lakefront Lagoon located along the lakefront between Church Street and Davis Street. The project will begin in July and is anticipated to be completed in August.

Project work includes the removal of an existing curb and section of permeable concrete sidewalk, installation of a new stone retaining wall, and
installation of new permeable concrete sidewalk.

Construction activities may create some inconveniences for adjacent residents but attempts will be made to minimize these issues. Limited parking restrictions on adjacent roadways will be required to accommodate construction activities and will be marked with temporary “No Parking” signs posted 48 hours in advance.

The general contractor for this project is Blinderman Construction, located at 224 N. Desplaines St., #650, Chicago, IL.

Project Monitoring
This project is monitored by the City’s Capital Planning & Engineering Bureau. For questions or concerns during construction, please contact Senior Project Manager Stefanie Levine at 3-1-1 or 847-448-4311.

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