About Us


Our Approach

I’m fortunate to have made many contacts, covering Evanston since the 1980s.  Evanston is amazing in that way. You can draw on information from people who are top in their field and who have a passion about their home city and take time to share that information with you. 

Our Story

I came to Evanston more than four decades ago to attend the Medill School of Journalism, housed in Fiske Hall, where Sheridan Road curves at the lake. The new arrivals for journalism started in summer then, the session functioned as sort of a “boot camp” for those  of us  who had majors other than journalism in college. In one of our first assignments, we were told to scramble out of Fiske Hall and into the community and bring back a story in an hour.  Desperately I stumbled into a strange turn-of-the-century frame house located just across from campus and remember imploring the caretakers to supply me  with a quick summary  of  the place, so I could pack the details in my notebook, and bring back the  story on time. Of  course it  was the Frances Willard House, where Frances Willard, the  president of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, once reigned, a place not given  to revealing secrets in less than an hour.