Covid cases hitting younger residents

 By Bob Seidenberg

Evanston residents, age 29 and under, are getting hit particularly hard in the resurgence of the Covid-19 virus.
At the Oct. 26 City Council meeting, Mayor Stephen Hagerty reported that 50 percent of the City’s COVID cases in the last week fell in that age group.

Those between 20 and 29 years of age comprised little more than 30 percent of the cases in the last week in Evanston, he said, and 20 percent were under the age of 20.

That differs from this past spring, he said, when the City was seeing a disproportionate of older Evanston residents affected.

“We’re not seeing that right now,” the Mayor said. “The fear is that, again, if we see a rise in the younger population and they see their parents, they see their grandparents, and this virus gets transferred to someone that could have much more severe complications, that’s what we want to avoid.”

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